The Wonders of God’s Love

June 9, 2016
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Feeling downthe wonders of God's love? Work in a garden and you will feel better. God’s small miracles are happening in your garden every day: the opening of a rosebud, the sprouting of a seed, a small flower turning into a tomato and ripening in the sun. The wonders you see reveal God’s love, and so do small miracles that you can’t see.

God’s Hidden Healing Power

Scientists have identified a surprising way that God helps us feel better when we need a burst of vitality and productivity in the spring. A tiny microbe found in garden soil, Mycobacterium Vaccae, is released whenever the soil is disturbed. This microbe has a unique, God-given talent: it strengthens and stimulates your immune system.

Why Is That So Miraculous?

When these tiny soil microbes stimulate your immune system, they set in motion a chemical reaction in your brain. This reaction causes the release of serotonin, a chemical that gives you a sense of well-being. In fact, the feel-good effect of these microbes has been compared to the antidepressant power of Prozac. And here’s another little miracle: there are no dangerous side effects! In addition, your stimulated immune system is better able to resist the universal springtime complaint: allergies.

So go ahead; get your hands dirty. Plant a tree, weed your garden, and drink in God’s springtime tonic!

Helping You Discover God’s Recovery Plan for You

When you are a Christian who is grappling with substance abuse and addiction, you may feel that God has abandoned you. Remember, you may not always understand the plan He has for your life, but it will be revealed to you in surprising ways.

The addiction specialists at Christian Rehab Network believe that God has employed us to make sure affordable rehab is readily available for all of Christ’s followers, including you. Our Christian-based addiction treatment centers provide the best recovery care available. Our partners address more than your physical and mental needs. They also offer spiritual guidance to help you regain your closeness to Jesus. Call us now at 877-310-9545, and we will walk by your side through enrollment, treatment, and recovery.


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