The Renewal of Spring in Christian Addiction Recovery

March 22, 2016
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renewal of spring christian addiction recovery

“Lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.” - Song of Solomon 2: 11-12

Spring is a season of rebirth. When we embrace it as such, we give God the opportunity to bring about revival in our hearts, minds, and relationships.

For recovering alcoholics or addicts, spring is also an ideal time to regroup, reassess sobriety goals, and clear out mental and emotional clutter that may be holding us back or keeping God at arm’s length.

Tips for Spring Decluttering During Addiction Treatment

  • Begin with your physical space. Clutter and disorganization sap your emotional energy. When your living area and workspaces are organized and clutter-free, it is easier to focus on things that matter the most. You may even consider creating a tidy, inspiring area where you can participate in prayer, Bible study, journaling, or other quiet time activities.
  • Make a list of what else needs decluttering in your life. Are you chronically overcommitted? Holding on to unhealthy relationships that could trigger a relapse? Trading your old addiction for a new one? Begin to pray through these items, one by one. Ask God to carefully prune them from your life, as he is the master gardener. When you choose to live life in Jesus, “on the vine,” God carefully trims away the things that keep you distant from him or impede your sobriety success.
  • Spend time outside. God’s fingerprint is everywhere. As the weather warms, take a walk or sit on a blanket and appreciate the natural reminders of the new life we receive through Jesus’ resurrection: the warmth of the sun, beauty of the flowers, or smell of the rain. Remembering the Lord’s control over each sparrow and blade of grass is a beautiful reminder of how faithful he is to you, too.

Spring Is an Ideal Time to Begin Your Recovery Program

At Christian Rehab Network, we provide free consulting services that match you with a faith-based recovery facility tailored to your unique needs. Serving men, women, and teens, our facility partners will help you begin a transformative journey to spiritual, physical, and emotional health.

To learn more about our Christian treatment planning services or schedule a confidential consultation with a trained addiction specialist, dial 877.310.9545 today.


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