The Power of NEW in Recovery

September 29, 2015
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As you pursue sobriePower of new in addiction recoveryty, you are seeking to be renewed in every aspect of life: spiritually, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. But does this mean giving up everything and everyone you loved before recovery? Not always, but there is much to be said for building new patterns of daily living where old triggers and temptations can’t return to haunt you. In some cases, though, old friendships and family connections are still an important part of your new life. Instead of replacing them, discover new ways to integrate them into your life looking at them differently, seeking reconciliation, and creating healthy boundaries.

New Physical Body

Addiction depletes you. As you are compelled to use, toxins build in your body, you neglect healthy eating, and exercise becomes a thing of the past. Recovery is a perfect time to focus on your physical health after you have detoxed from chemical substances. Our Christian rehab centers offer nutritional guidance and recreation opportunities that will help you develop a “new,” healthier body that is built to function longer and stronger.

New Family Dynamics

You still love your family, but destructive enabling and negative family dynamics may have contributed to your addictive cycle. When it’s time to return home, make sure that your family has also gotten the help they need. Addiction is a family disease. With the help of therapists and disease education, your family members can learn to (1) support you without enabling, (2) love you without rescuing, and (3) integrate themselves as a healthy part of your new life. With counseling and relationship skills coaching, your family can become one of the most important parts of your support system.

New Friendship Approaches

If your old friends were your main connection to drugs and alcohol, you need to find new friends. However, you probably have friendships from the past that were not, in themselves, destructive. With time and counseling, you can learn to participate in these friendships in healthy ways—and these friends can support your sobriety. If old friendships are a trigger for relapse, however, it’s best to avoid reconnection. Your therapist can help you determine when it’s time to re-engage with a friend, and when it’s time to run the other way.

New Spiritual Commitment

While some of our clients are new to their Christian faith-walk, many of them were Christians before they became addicted—or while they were addicted. At Christian Rehab Network, our facility and therapy partners teach you how to leave behind the shame of your addiction and renew your relationship with Christ. That does not mean that your recovery journey will be easy; but it does mean that you will have the God of the universe journeying with you. The deeper you go in your relationship with God, the more likely this relationship will sustain you as you are tempted to relapse or return to old patterns as future stress arises.

Experience ReNEWal Through Christian Rehab Network

Today is a new day: when you can choose to leave drugs and alcohol behind and venture into uncharted territory. Experience faith-based healing, residential programs, outpatient treatment, and sober living communities available through Christian Rehab Network. Working with you to find affordable care with lasting results, our team acts as your advocate and recovery partner. Call 877.310.9545 now.

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