3 Reasons Why Sober Living Arrangements Are Incredibly Effective

November 1, 2016
Christian Rehab Network
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Group enjoying breakfast in a sober living arrangementHalfway houses. Dry houses. Sober living homes. While they may go by a variety of different names, the common denominator remains the same – they offer an extremely effective tool for preventing relapse.

Typically, residents who choose sober living arrangements do so after completing an intensive inpatient treatment program and still need some additional support. Sober living facilities are similar to rehab centers in that they offer in-residence addiction recovery support. Though, clients have a greater level of independence and can leave the facility throughout the day to go to work and visit friends and family members – as long as they follow “house rules” like curfew and pass drug and alcohol tests.

If you (or someone you love) is about to graduate from an inpatient drug rehab facility, it’s a good idea to research sober living arrangements in his or her community. Still on the fence?

Here are three reasons why sober living homes are highly recommended by so many addiction recovery specialists.

  1. They offer support during the most critical time. Many addiction recovery professionals note that the risk of relapse is the most pronounced during first 30 to 90 days after inpatient treatment. By sheltering residents with continued support during this sensitive transitional period, clients can prevent a lapse in their sobriety.
  2. Access to support, 24/7. One of the most profound benefits of choosing a sober living arrangement is that you can still access support from sober coaches and house managers who are also living on-site – day or night.
  3. Get back into a regular routine. While every facility is different in their approach, most sober living homes allow residents to get back into a regular routine – simple things like grocery shopping, cooking dinner and helping with basic housework. While it may seem like a small step towards last sobriety, these types of activities can help residents regain a sense of normalcy, independence and confidence to fuel lasting sobriety.

Want to build on the recovery you gained during inpatient rehabilitation?

At Christian Rehab Network, we offer highly affordable sober living arrangements for those seeking a safe place to continue their recovery and rebuild their life. A stay in one of these group homes will allow you to bridge the gap between rehab and the real world, surrounded by other followers of Christ who are committed to their sobriety. Call (877) 310-9545 to learn more today.



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