Addiction Research: New Study Supports Early Treatment

January 26, 2017
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Father and sonIt’s a common myth that treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction isn’t really needed until the individual has hit rock-bottom.

And, work recently published by two UConn Health Researchers has refuted that misconception. Serving as guest editors for a special issue of the scientific journal, Addiction, Thomas Babor and Frances Del Boca conducted a meta-analysis of prior research reports.

After combing the data, they found that individuals exhibiting a few of the early symptoms of addiction, profoundly benefitted from early interventional care – helping them to course correct their behavior and reduce their risk of developing a full-blown addiction.

“Brief intervention refers to any time-limited effort, maybe one or two conversations or meetings, to provide information or advice, increase motivation to avoid substance abuse, or to teach behavior change skills that will reduce substance abuse as well as the chances of negative consequences,” says Babor, the Health Net Inc. Endowed Chair in Community Medicine and Public Health in the UConn School of Medicine.

Babor and Del Boca found substance abusers are far more likely to curtail their dangerous behaviors when a primary care physician refers them to treatment (if needed) after a brief screening incorporated into routine office visits.

“The idea of translating research into practice is a hope that is seldom realized in addiction science,” says assistant professor Bonnie McRee, one of the report authors. “To go from the development of screening tests to national implementation programs in the course of 20 years is a dream come true for an addiction scientist.”

Based this addiction research, the findings suggest that there is an opportunity to expand the use of addiction screenings to help prevent the disease of addiction from progressing in high-risk individuals. By identifying individuals early and helping them access addiction treatment quickly, it can help serve as a powerful tool in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction.

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Family Addiction Services: When Your Spouse is an Addict

September 26, 2016
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Married couple holding hands outside working through family addiction treatment

If you are married and your spouse is battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it can drive a wedge between you and your loved one. They may become emotionally withdrawn as they spend more time using and abusing to fuel their addiction and the trust between you may start to fade as they fail to follow through on their promises of sobriety.

Though, individuals battling addiction can find lasting recovery. And, with the right help from family addiction rehab specialists, you can work towards saving your marriage while helping them heal.

If your husband or wife is currently battling addiction issues, it’s important to find support from experienced professionals and learn how to cope during this challenging time.

5 Ways to Support Your Husband or Wife with Addiction Issues

1. Empower yourself with information. If your spouse is battling drug or alcohol dependency, you may start to feel powerless as they fall deeper into a life of addiction. While you can’t control the situation, or their behavior, you can control how you respond to the situation. By researching the typical signs and symptoms of addiction and the treatment options available, you can better understand the nature of their condition and what to expect.

2. Take care of yourself. When a loved one is battling an addiction issue, it’s normal to want to do everything in your power to take care of them and help them on their journey to recovery. Though, it’s important to remember that you need to take care of yourself to have the mental and physical energy to help others. Be sure to stick to a reliable sleep routine, avoid fast food and processed foods and take time for yourself. Your health is important too!

3. Explore Christian-based rehab counseling. If you and your partner are committed to living a Christian-based life, you can find help from addiction recovery specialists who are well-versed in helping you both strengthen your relationships with Christ. Faith-based addiction recovery programs often combine evidence-based addition treatment programs with pastoral care for a holistic approach to recovery.

4. Keep a prayer journal. During challenging times, you can find hope and support by turning to prayer and teachings from the bible. Keep a journal of inspirational bible verses and spiritual passages with you so you can refer to them during challenging times.

5. Find addiction rehab facilities that offer family addiction services. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It affects the addict and their entire network of friends and family members. Many addiction rehab facilities offer a comprehensive program of addiction treatment services that provide Christian-based marriage counseling and family therapy services to help everyone heal.

Healing Families – Mind, Body and Spirit

If you or someone you care about is caught in the bondage of drugs or alcoholism, there is no better time to seek help than today. Christian Rehab Network enables families to find faith-based drug rehab programs based in Biblical truth and staffed by credentialed therapists and experienced pastors. Contact our team of Christian admissions specialists by dialing (877) 310.9545. Our team is happy to pray with you or discuss your concerns, 24/7.

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