Study Backs Role of Faith-Based Addiction Treatment

September 15, 2017
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A recent study proved what many of you alfaith-based addiction treatmentready have come to know: faith-based addiction treatment works.

Researchers asked a small group of individuals with substance use disorders about various types of addiction treatment and how effective they were – and 92 percent favored programs with spiritual or religious guidance.

The study was spurred by a phone call three years ago between Eric Kocian, an assistant professor of criminology, law and society at St. Vincent College in Pennsylvania, and county detective Tony Marcocci. During this time, local officials were just starting to fight back against the heroin epidemic.

“This is one sample, this is one study,” Kocian said. “We'd like to replicate it.”

The Benefits of Spirituality as Part of Addiction Rehab
This certainly isn’t the first or last study to prove the benefits of faith-based addiction treatment. In fact, those who choose Christian rehab have been found to have a greater chance of getting and staying sober. Beyond fewer relapses, rehab treatment that includes a spiritual component can also help you or someone you love to:

  • Believe that recovery is possible
  • Ask for forgiveness and make amends
  • Learn to handle life’s emotional highs and lows
  • Improve anger management and emotional control
  • Navigate moral choices after rehab
  • Develop strength and resilience
  • Achieve a sense of family and community
  • Discover a higher life purpose
  • Gain a more positive life outlook

More About Christian Rehab
Making the decision to seek help for your own addiction, or helping a loved one to decide to seek help, may be the biggest and most important choice of your life. Let us lead the way. At Christian Rehab Network, we can help you learn valuable life skills to build a fulfilling life of sobriety and reduce your risk of relapse. You’ll learn to strengthen your relationship with Christ while overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. To learn more, call us today: 877-310-9545.

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