Leap of Faith: Returning to Church After Recovery

April 5, 2016
Christian Rehab Network
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Returning to church after addiction recovery rehab

If you were active in church before you began struggling with a substance abuse disorder, chances are it’s been awhile since you attended service or sought out a Bible study. You may be ready to return to a worship community, but worry about how you will be viewed by your pastor, friends, or church elders. The good news? Jesus wants you to come as you are—not after you have “fixed yourself up.” After all, the church is composed of messed up, broken people who need a Savior. If this were not the case, Christ would not have sacrificed himself on your behalf.

The Truth About the Church

Many people believe that they cannot darken the door of a church after addiction has consumed them. Ashamed of their chemical dependency, they think God can no longer love them—or that the stigma of their addiction will prevent them from being welcomed into a faith community.

The truth? Christ’s church is made up of adulterers, liars, cheaters, and false witnesses. Marred by sin, we all suffer from some form of pride, anger, temptation, lust, and wickedness. It is only when we come to the cross with an understanding of this sinfulness that God can make us new.

The Freedom Found in Returning to Church

Don’t allow your season of addiction to be a roadblock between you and a fellowship of believers. Begin by returning to Sunday service. If you are unable to attend your former church, find a new faith community where you have a fresh start.

When you walk through the door, commit to being transparent and vulnerable. You don’t “have it all together,” and you don’t have to. Instead, commit your experience to the Lord, asking him to reveal what you are supposed to glean from the message, connect you with the people he has in mind, and help you discern where you can serve. When you take time to serve others, life takes on new purpose and you participate in bringing the Kingdom to earth.

Once you begin attending church again, make time to meet with a pastor or spiritual advisor who can walk beside you in mentorship. Then, take a deep breath and know that addiction no longer defines you, since the God of the universe has ordained your days.

Christian Rehab Network Provides the Fresh Start You Need

For healing to occur, you must acknowledge your need for help. At Christian Rehab Network, we provide free consulting services for families and individuals suffering under the weight of addiction. Our partner facilities offer faith-based rehab programs to suit your needs and budget, and our team is available 24/7 when you need us most. Call 877.310.9545 now for a confidential inquiry.


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