Christian Addiction Treatment

When in the grips of addiction, often we cry out for the Lord to save us, and with the guidance and aide provided by the Christian Rehab Network, those prayers can be answered using a combination of therapies and teachings from the Bible rather than a traditional 12-step program.

We screen each caregiver and facility in our database to ensure that not only is their message one of hope and righteousness, but that their staff walk in the footsteps of Christ and provide care that meets our spiritual expectations and quality of care standards. These rehab centers are different, in that the focused, church-based guidance provided is intended to allow for deeper insight and a reconnection with your spiritual path, along with relief from subconscious woes.

Christian Rehab addition treatment

Whether you’re in need of mental health services, inpatient addiction treatment or supervised drug detox, you can rest assured the provider we match you with will be able to treat you with the kind of Christian based care you need to heal your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll find that strength comes easily and your will power is seemingly fortified by the presence of the Lord in your recovery process, and we are here to ensure you find a facility that leads you down his path and into sobriety for the rest of your life.

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