Recreational Treatment Options for Addiction

January 2, 2016
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At Christian Rehab Netrecreational treatment options addiction rehabwork, we specialize in finding drug and alcohol recovery programs that resonate—personally, spiritually, and emotionally—with our clients. Recreational therapy is one of these treatment types, and it is an option offered by several facilities in our trusted network.

Designed to foster group cooperation, challenge clients physically and creatively, boost critical thinking skills, and confront compulsive behavior, recreation therapy can take the form of camping, hiking, rock climbing, equine care, ropes courses, fitness classes, or wilderness adventures.

Benefits of Recreation Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Along with spiritual development, behavioral treatment, and pastoral counseling, recreation therapy is integral to recovery from alcoholism, street drug abuse, prescription drug addiction, and other forms of addiction. By definition, recreation is a time to enjoy and experience life; a time to discover new interests and overcome fears.

Our Christian-based facilities provide recreational programs that encourage clients to grow in their relationship with God, forge relationships with others, and find peace in the midst of chaos.

Additional benefits of recreation therapy include:

  • A focus on physical & emotional healing
  • An opportunity to build strength & endurance for the recovery journey
  • A renewed appreciation for God’s gift of a healthy, active body
  • A chance to enjoy fellowship with sober companions
  • A healthy diversion to occupy the sober hours
  • Stress relief & anger management
  • Release of endorphins for a natural “high”

Begin Your Personal Addiction Recovery Journey Today

God created you to be unique, and your recovery journey is unique, as well. At Christian Rehab Network, our team of addiction consultants takes time to understand your health history, spiritual walk, and treatment objectives in order to develop the best possible customized treatment program for your needs.

To learn more about our Christ-based recreation therapy programs or begin the admissions process for you or a loved one, call 877.310.9545 now, or contact us using our confidential online form. Help is available 24 hours a day, and we will be in touch promptly after receiving your request.


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