Prayer & Addiction Recovery: China’s Latest Answer to Drug Rehab

November 5, 2015
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prayer and addiction recovery ChinaRecent statistics indicate that there are over 14 million drug addicts within China’s borders. According to the Chinese government, drug use has spread to 90 percent of the country.

To address the growing addiction problem, China’s Yunnan Province has embraced the power of faith. The province’s innovative Gospel Rehab Center lies near the border of China and Myanmar, and the staff treats addiction by fostering a daily walk with God. “We rely only on God, on His mighty power, to change lives,” said Gospel Rehab Center founder Xu Chengyun.

Rather than using medication or other “extreme methods,” the center encourages clients to submit to three daily routines:

  • Staff members pray with and for addicts every day. Prayers include requests for strength, for God’s mighty healing power, for repentance from addiction, and for their clients’ ability to be renewed through a right relationship with Jesus.
  • Residents sing songs like, “My victory is gained by your presence. Jehova, you are my God. I will never stop praising your name.” In addition to routine praise and worship time, facility participants engage in several hours of Bible class each day. Scriptural study helps recovering addicts understand God’s grace and love for them.
  • Acts of service. By giving time and energy to others, guidance counselor Pai Jianhua says that addicts serve as an example of Christ’s love for others. In doing so, they also see evidence of Christ’s power to heal.

According to Xu Chengyun and his team, Gospel Rehab Center is creating a safe place for struggling people, and the facility’s success rate seems to prove they’re onto something. “So far, 60 percent of our addicts have overcome their drug problems,” says Xu. “Those who have relapsed end up coming back to the center, and God touches them. We are thankful because we know every success is from Him.”

Currently, the Gospel Rehab Center program is preparing to take on even more clients. To enroll in the program, an individual must commit to one year of participation. Over time, the Gospel Rehab Center team says that even those resistant to change are transformed by the power of prayer, worship, and service. "We are not trained doctors or drug addict specialists," said Xu. "We simply rely on faith and the power of prayer. We are experts in this! This is all we know to do.”

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