Pornography Use Impacts Both Genders

June 18, 2016
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pornography use impacts both gendersWhile we typically think of pornography as a men’s problem, a 2015 study by Marie Claire surveyed 3,000 women about their use of pornography. The findings were surprising to many.

  • Thirty-one percent of respondents reported watching porn every week.
  • Another 30 percent reported watching pornography a few times per month.
  • Ten percent of women surveyed said they watch some form of pornography on a daily basis.

Amanda De Cadenet, a photographer who teamed up with Marie Claire for the survey, says most female viewers are using pornography to “…find what they want, and to figure out how to please themselves.”

“Using porn to cultivate one’s own sexual agency is very different from what we often hear: that women feel threatened by it or watch it reluctantly in order to please their partner and that millennials’ sex lives will be ruined by childhoods bombarded by online sexual images,” De Cadenet concluded.

Christian Journal Reports That Pornography Viewing Has Devastating Effects

While some believe pornography can be safely used to enhance one’s sex life, the Christian Research Journal (vol. 27, no. 3) says that it is extremely damaging to women, men, marriages, and families.

“The use of pornography, I believe, weakens the church today in three significant ways: First, it creates a dependency on pornography that weakens the individual believer. Second, it causes a disruption of the ‘one-flesh’ union that weakens Christian marriages. Third, it results in a distortion in thinking that weakens a Christian’s ability to relate and function,” said study author Joe Dallas.

Jimmy Evans, founder and CEO of Marriage Today, says that pornography viewing is unhealthy for marriages since it essentially introduces another person into a couple’s intimate life. “According to Jesus, simply looking at another person in a longing and lustful manner is equal to adultery. Inevitably, we begin to compare our spouse’s body and sexual performance to the person or people in the pornography we are viewing,” he says. “Of course, when stimulated by pornography, no number of women or men could ever satisfy us. It is an insatiable appetite.”

The Truth About Pornography

Don’t let anyone convince you that an addiction—of any type—is not a serious problem. Pornography is not only a sexual sin, whether viewed by women or men; it creates a dark battlefield of the mind, and those in its grip stand to lose their marriages, families, and peace of mind.

A Christian Partner to Guide Recovery

As a Christian recovering from substance abuse, pornography addiction, gambling addiction, or other compulsive behaviors, it is only through Jesus Christ that healing and peace can be found.

The founding principle of Christian Rehab Network is that you should never have to walk your recovery journey alone. If you or someone you love is in the grips of pornography addiction, trust our accredited professionals to help you find a faith-based rehab program that matches your needs and budget.

Dial 877.310.9545 to begin the process now. God wants the best for your life, and it begins with loosening the chains of bondage that prevent you from a closer walk with Him.

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