New Year’s Resolutions for Christian Addiction Recovery

December 7, 2015
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New Year’s resolNew Years resolution addiction recoveryutions are often just empty promises because the goals we choose are lofty at best—and downright impossible at worst. In fact, research shows that well below 10 percent of people actually achieve the resolutions they set out to accomplish. For many people, though, the New Year is still a time of fresh starts: an opportunity to make the next year even a little better than the last. For men and women pursuing sobriety, News Year’s resolutions take on a different meaning. Having come face to face with a habit that threatened to destroy their family, finances, and life, these recovering addicts often have a deeper perspective about what it takes to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. What does it take? A day-to-day, minute-to-minute commitment to be the best possible you.

If New Year’s resolutions are part of your recovery plan for 2016, try choosing attainable, bite-sized goals rather than becoming frustrated by the unachievable. You’ll be surprised at how much of an impact it makes when you select a manageable goal and enjoy the satisfaction of successful follow-through. As you progress in your recovery journey, you will look back and see that it was the small, day-to-day decisions that helped you achieve and sustain sobriety. Decisions like these:

  •  Read your Bible for five minutes every day. Sure, you’re busy—but you can do anything for five minutes. Did you know that just five minutes of daily scripture would help to ground you in your faith and keep you focused on God’s priorities for your life? Once you begin your 5-a-day reading program, you will likely find yourself seeking longer, more focused opportunities to engage with God and uncover the plans he has for your new, sober life. Visit Bible Gateway or Biblica to find a New Year’s Bible reading plan and jump in.
  • Redefine fun. Recovering addicts often have to rediscover “fun,” since it used to consist of lighting up a joint or partying with friends. This year, resolve to explore new things and rediscover what fun looks like—without drugs and alcohol. Take a scuba diving class. Begin music lessons. Make a bucket list of travel destinations. Learn to brew your own coffee. Soon you’ll discover that “fun” is what you make it, and there are thousands of ways to enjoy drug-free recreation.
  • Plan an electronic fast. Studies show that spending excessive amounts of time on your smartphone, laptop, or laptop makes you grouchy, disrupts your sleep, and sets you on edge. None of those are desirable effects when you are already struggling to regain your footing during addiction recovery. Gadgets are not inherently bad. Just like anything else, though, they should be used judiciously. Try taking an occasional screen-free day, and limit screen time during the week to a predetermined amount of time. After you step away from your 24/7 connection, you’ll experience a sense of freedom and peace that will make it a worthwhile habit.

New Year’s Resolutions for a New Spiritual Walk

Perhaps the most important resolution you can make day-to-day is to invest in your relationship with Jesus Christ. A daily walk with Jesus offers freedom from the bondage of addiction, technology, unhealthy relationships, and other burdens we weren’t meant to carry. To learn more about the freedom God wants for you in Christ Jesus, call Christian Rehab Network today. Our Christ-based residential and outpatient treatment programs are affordable and tailored to your needs, and our Christian addiction specialists offer free advice when you need it the most. Call now: 877.310.9545.

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