Healing Your Marriage Begins with Healing Yourself

February 16, 2016
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marriage during drug rehabMarriages, even Christian marriages, can survive for years under the strain of alcohol abuse. The personal stresses that led to the substance abuse do not get better, but they fade into the background as a tug of war develops between the partners. Finally, equilibrium of sorts is reached, where the offending behavior is met with co-dependency and accommodation.

Rehab: Ending or Beginning?

When the alcoholic spouse finally has a reckoning with addiction, they must begin the healing process as an individual. Recovery is the goal, and they must direct all attention to healing their body, mind, and relationship with God. Exploring and healing the marriage must wait.

For the spouse waiting at home, this time is the most difficult. It may be a time of unrealistic expectation, where you expect to resume an idealistic married life now that the offending alcohol has been expelled. Not understanding that the marriage relationship could be one of your husband or wife’s drinking triggers, you may wish to spend time with them and lend your support.

Or, this could be a time of great uncertainty when you wonder if your marriage can survive the lengthy recovery process. You may feel abandoned and worried that your spouse might no longer need you when they are no longer drinking.

Reconciliation Requires Clarity from Both Partners

Most addiction treatment programs include family counseling at an appropriate time in the recovery process. But why wait to begin your own healing? You can start a recovery program of your own by:

  • Joining a support group like Al-Anon
  • Seeking counseling from a pastor
  • Exploring new activities & interests
  • Volunteering
  • Joining an exercise or yoga class
  • Praying daily for wisdom, guidance & healing

When you and your spouse have both come to know yourselves as individuals and restored your relationships with God, you may be able to reconcile your relationship with one another and begin to rebuild your marriage.

Christ-Based Rehab     

If alcohol abuse is driving you and your spouse apart, Christian Rehab Network can help. Our affiliated rehab centers provide quality care along with focused, church-based guidance to help you restore your health and your relationship with God. Call 877-310-9545 to explore the Christ-based services that are available for you.


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