How is Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehab Different?

February 22, 2016
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Unlike secular rehabhow is Christian drug rehab different programs, faith-based addiction rehabilitation clinics approach your substance abuse problem from a spiritual vantage point. At Christian Rehab Network, we believe that the best way to overcome addiction is to focus on strengthening your relationship with Jesus Christ. During group or individual therapy sessions, your counselor or pastor will discuss spiritual concerns as well as delve into life skills, family healing, and psychological coping techniques.

Unique Benefits of Christian Rehab Centers

Faith-Based Fellowship.

Christian rehabs offer the unique opportunity to enjoy fellowship with other believers who are struggling with the emotional, spiritual, and financial fallout of their addiction. For many clients, these friendships become one of the most life-altering parts of the sobriety journey.

Family-Focused Healing.

Addiction is a family disease, and the entire family needs healing after a loved one becomes wrapped up in chemical dependency. Christian rehab centers encourage clients to rebuild healthy family relationships, and some even offer family counseling programs for spouses, children, and parents of addicts.

Total surrender.

Many secular drug rehab programs teach participants that they are the masters of their own destiny. At Christ-based recovery facilities, participants learn that freedom comes through total surrender—mind, body, and spirit—to Jesus Christ. While addiction recovery does require work on your part, only an intimate relationship with Jesus can bring true, lasting change in your life. Jesus changes hearts, and a heart change will lead you to sustained sobriety.

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It is important to remember that no matter what struggles you face, God is bigger than your suffering and sin. As you study scripture, pray, and worship with other believers, sobriety goals become more achievable and you begin to find a renewed purpose in your life.

When you are ready, Christian Rehab Network can match you with an affordable, faith-based facility—and walk with you through the detox and treatment matching process. To begin a healing walk with Jesus, call the Christian Rehab Network team today. Life change begins with a simple phone call: 877.310.9545.


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