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"The vast majority of people needing addiciotn treatment do not receive anything that approximates evidence based care."

John Oliver | HBO's Last Week Tonight Tweet

John Oliver is right; addiction treatment needs to be more carefully vetted and at Christian Rehab Network, that's exactly what we we do.


How We Vet our Network Centers

It's easy to find a rehab facility. Just search DRUG REHAB NEAR ME and dozens of facilities pop up on the page. Each with a glossy website shouting all the right phrases to make you pick up the phone and call. But how do you know if they are telling the truth? How do you know what sort of treatment it is. They all say the same thing.

That's where Christian Rehab Network comes in.

We understand that this is one of the most difficult decisions for a family to make. A Christian Rehab Network, we have developed a two pronged approach: 1. The Family and 2. The Facility


1. The Family

No one can recommend the best facility for your recovery without getting to know you and the conditions surrounding your struggles. When you call us, we first take the time to understand the current behaviors that are finally getting you to take action. Then we dive deeper gathering as much information to help you. This might include:

  • are you or you loved one currently in a safe environment.
  • is there a history of mental health.
  • a discussion of the substance being abused.
  • what family support is available
  • and much more...

We know that addiction does not happen in a vacuum and that the addiction affects the entire family. Because of this, Christian Rehab Network provides family support before, during and after the admission process. With the help of God and specific family coaching programs, we support the entire family during these troubled times.

2. The Treatment Facility

It would be dishonest if we told you that we knew about ever treatment program in the US. But we can tell you that we know how to find the best facility specific to your family's needs. Many of our board members and our executive committee have built personal and close relationships with leading professionals in the fields of mental health and addiction treatment. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and just like we are committed to God, we are committed to changing this industry and enable people to get the best care possible.

Before we bring an addiction treatment facility into our network, we put the treatment center through a vigorous vetting process that includes, but is not limited to the following:

a) Are They Transparent?

Does the facility let us sit on on clinical meetings? Can we observe a therapy group? Can we meet their clients? Will the CEO meet with us? What about the clinical director, the psychiatrist or the medical director? The treatment center's ability to be completely transparent with us is imperative to being accepted into the Christian Rehab Network.

b) What is their Family Program Like?

As we mentioned, the whole family needs to heal in the process. Does the facility include them? Is there coaching available. Do they speak to the family on a regular basis? Do they follow up after the treatment is completed? Family support is vital for a complete recovery.

c) Length of Program

One of the biggest lies addicts are told is that you can be treated and healed in 30 days. It's simply not true. This arbitrary number was made up by the insurance companies who restrict the amount of coverage available to the addict. The 30 day issue creates a revolving door for treatments centers with addicts leaving before recovery is complete, only to relapse and begin the cycle all over again. Research has shown that thirty days is not enough for the chemical to leave the brain and that addicts who stay in some sort of structured support, then they have a much higher chance of achieving long term sobriety.

d) How Do they Treat Mental Health

Mental health issues are often at the root of many addictions. Does the treatment facility have programs and solutions for this? What are their capabilities to treat medical needs? When when personally walk the halls of these potential facilities, we leave no stone unturned.

e) Do they Focus on Money Only

Many facilities accept insurance besides cash payments. We investigate each facility to make sure they concentrate on your healing and recovery and not the financial benefits of serving the insurance companies.

f) What is Their Christian Track?

We ensure that each facility in our network has a program guided by faith and rooted in the word of God. A system where the afflicted are relieved of the spiritual malady that has left their lives, the lives of their loved ones and the lives of everyone we have come in to contact with in ruin.


If You Own a Treatment Center

If you own an addiction treatment center, and you believe your facility would qualify to be a member our community, then please call us directly at:


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