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Our connection to the Christian community is strong. We believe in helping those who help the children of God. Therefore we provide many free services to Pastors and Churches around the country.

Some of our services include:

  • Certified community counselors located in all metropolitan areas to offer support and guidance to the Christian community.
  • Free links on church websites to ensure proper stewardship and guidance for their congregational members.
  • Training for Pastors and Clergy on how to address addiction concerns in their own congregation.
  • Free access to certified Christian Rehab programs around the globe.
  • Access to free content like radios shows and podcasts that feature top professionals in the field of addiction.

It is our goal to create public awareness of the abuse within the addiction industry while offering an effective alternative rooted in the teaches of God. We want to help Pastors and Churches make informed decisions and provide these answers for their congregation.

If you are a Pastor, or someone within your Church's administration and you believe you could benefits from the Christian Rehab Network, please call:


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