The Christian Rehab Network is the largest network of Christian based treatment centers, churches and support services in the country. It is our mission to bring truth and trust to the Christian community through our vetted services. To achieve this goal, we believe it is important to be transparent in all of our practices. Below is a list of question and answers we hope will help achieve this goal.

What Treatment Centers are Listed on

Any medical detox facility, sober living facility or residential treatment facility can list on our site as long as they have the proper certifications required to operate legally.  Any facility can then upgrade their listing by opening themselves to more scrutiny by Christian Rehab Network. This can start with an extensive interview about the services they offer to a "walk-through" of their facility where Christian Rehab Network sits with their staff, directors and audits in their programs.

Who Answers the Phone Number Listed on the site?

The phone number shown on the site (877) 310-9545 is answered directly by our platinum members treatment center. These centers have been throughly vetted and we have the utmost confidence that they will direct you to the best care for you or your loved one. If they are unable to provide you with your ideal treatment scenario due to location or insurance, then they will personally find a center in our network to service your needs.

What Happens if a Center Leaves the Network or Shut's Down?


 We do our best to keep information updated during a center's renewal period. If you find information that has changed, please do not hesitate to share that with us. If we discover a center has violated our code of ethics, we will remove them from the listing and provide you with a reason for their removal.

Am I Obligated to Call Your Number if I Use This Site?

No, you are not. Christian Rehab Network is a service to unite the Christian community through education, advocacy, training and member support services to ensure the availability of the highest quality of of addiction and mental health treatment -- for you. Feel free to take what you need, and God bless. L

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