Family Addiction Services

Addiction ravages homes and families, leaving hurting spouses, parents, children, and loved ones in its wake. Coined a “family disease,” drug and alcohol dependency is disruptive—and potentially devastating—for those left at home.

While our clients are in early and active stages of addiction recovery, our vetted partners provide family members with the services they need to begin personal healing and support their loved one’s sobriety journey. At Christian Rehab Network, our addiction specialists begin working with your family from day one: hand-selecting rehab programs according to family and financial needs while providing counseling, pastoral care, and programming that brings spiritual peace. Through our partners, comprehensive family addiction services include:

• Coordination with clients & families throughout the residential, outpatient, or sober living selection process

Affordable rehabilitation centers & family financing assistance

• Licensed Christian marriage & family therapy services

• Access to worship & church services

• Christ-based disease education & coaching

• Pastoral counseling services

• Boundaries & relationship skills coaching

• Family support groups

Benefits of Family Addiction Services

Addiction is isolating for clients and their loved ones. Participating in family addiction therapy and support groups is a powerful way to experience community and be reassured (or gain a new understanding) of God’s presence in the midst of adversity. In many cases, family members find it difficult to establish boundaries to protect themselves and encourage sobriety success of an addicted son, daughter, or parent. During counseling and coaching sessions, family members learn to (1) pray for personal and relational healing, (2) develop healthy boundaries, and (2) love without enabling.

At Christian Rehab Network, we also teach families that loved ones must face the consequences of addiction without being rescued. There is no doubt that addiction recovery comes with pain for the client and their family, but it is in the most painful parts of our lives that God teaches us the greatest truths.

Request Christian Family Addiction Support

If you or someone you care about is caught in the bondage of drugs or alcoholism, there is no better time to seek help than today. Christian Rehab Network enables families to find  faith-based drug rehab programs based in Biblical truth and staffed by credentialed therapists and experienced pastors. We are working hard to change a corrupt system and provide the necessary road to recovery with the love of God. Contact our team of Christian admissions specialists by dialing 877.310.9545 . Our team is happy to pray with you or discuss your concerns, 24/7.

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