Drinking to Solve Problems

July 27, 2015
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Our Solution, Not Our Problem

When entering into any recovery program, addicted individuals are in a constant struggle with their lives. They struggle with day to day activities that non-addicted individuals handle with ease. While most of those who struggle with addiction believe that the substance which they are addicted to is at the root of their problems, the reality of their situation is that the substance, whether drugs or alcohol, are not the originating problem in most circumstances. While constant, long-term drug and alcohol use can cause problems in the lives of any individual, the majority of their problems are caused because of the inability to deal with situations which arise in their life. While some of these individuals may struggle from underlying mental health disorders and the inability to accurately determine the best course of action in life situations, most individuals never develop the necessary skills in order to deal with situations effectively.

Drinking During Times of Desperation

As a result of the inability to deal with these everyday situations, whether due to mental health issues or lacking the necessary skills, individuals will turn to anything which will provide relief in their time of desperation. This is where the misconception of their real problem comes in. Ask any struggling addict or alcoholic who has not experienced a recovery program in the past and they will tell you that their problem is their substance of choice. Ask any individual who has recovered from their addiction and has been around recovery for any significant amount of time and you will receive a completely different outlook on what the root of their problem is. They have gained the understanding that the substance of their choice, be it alcohol or drugs, has been their solution and not their problem.

While this may seem confusing to most individuals seeking addiction treatment, they will quickly learn that this statement reigns true in their situation as well. The illusion that most people have regarding drugs and alcohol after long-term abuse has caused the inability to distinguish their addiction from the situations, or problem areas in their life, which continues to push them to use their substance of choice. For instance. When non-addicted individuals are faced with a difficult situation at work or home, they utilize the skillset which they developed over the course of their life to appropriately deal with these situations. Addicted individuals, on the other hand, resort to abusing their substance of choice, in order to escape from the reality of the situation. It is easier for them to get high or get drunk than to face the situation head on, as they do not know how to correctly handle the situation which has arisen.

Exploring Underlying Causes

After months or even years of practicing this routine, individuals then seek help for addiction issues and feel that this is where their main problem lies. This is where the proven effectiveness of addiction and mental health treatment validates itself of the most effective solution to treating addiction and mental health disorders. Addiction and mental health treatment centers do not focus on just the substance which the individual is addicted to, but rather approaches these individuals as having a spiritual malady or underlying cause for their addictive behaviors. By treating only the substance which the individual is addicted to without delving deeper into the inner workings of the individual, true recovery can never take place.

The addictive person must resolve the issue that forced them to drink or used, the real problems which made us turn to drugs or alcohol. Addiction and mental health treatment centers allow the person to do just that. It is important to remember that while treatment centers will address the addiction of the person, the main goal of these centers is to allow the person to gain life skills and gain the ability to deal with life’s situations without the need to use or drink. Anyone can gain abstinence from drugs or alcohol for a short period of time, but that is not what true recovery is all about. True recovery is about finding a solution which allows these individuals to deal with life on life’s terms without the need for drugs or alcohol. By attending an addiction and mental health treatment program, these individuals are able to remove the chemicals from their body which have clouded their minds, as well as develop the skills necessary to achieve long-term sobriety.

Our solution for the problems in our lives is no longer drugs or alcohol because we have developed the skills necessary to encounter any situation which life may throw at our doorsteps and deal with these situations in the most appropriate way possible. In the end, it is the development of life skills, in combination with the removal of these chemicals from our body, which will allow us to live a better and more fulfilling life.

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