Community and Addiction Recovery: Getting the Support You Need

September 10, 2015
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“In Christ we have the capacity for the fulfilling sense of belonging, which comes from intimate fellowship with God and with other believers.”


- Neil T. Anderson


It’s an unfortunate fact that addiction often thrives in the midst of loneliness. To achieve sustained sobriety, you’ll need an army of supporters—from physicians and therapists to sober friends and loved ones. Throughout addiction recovery, you should build a list of people you can turn to and places you can go where you will not be tempted to drink, use drugs, or return to other addictive behaviors.


Develop a Drug Addiction Support Community

As you prayerfully consider whom you can trust to walk alongside you during drug or alcohol rehab, consider the following:


  • Therapists & Addiction Specialists. These are the people who have seen you through the highs and lows of rehab; the people who know your story, understand the root of your addiction, and are available to provide professional guidance when you are dealing with addiction triggers, medical issues, family problems, or dual-diagnosis complications. You may also have a pastor, elder, or other spiritual advisor who is willing to be “on call” when you are in dire need.
  • Family & Loved Ones. Some family members may enable destructive behaviors, while others are angry with you for the fallout of your addiction. In many cases, however, your loved ones are your greatest cheerleaders: supporting you unconditionally, without judgment, and with arms wide open. Family members can be deeply hurt by addiction, so it’s important to note that they may also need counseling and treatment as you all learn to put your lives back together.
  • Sober Living Companions. One of the best places to seek support after your drug rehab program is complete is a sober living home. These communities are a safe place where the residents face similar challenges as they pursue an addiction-free lifestyle. Many  are very affordable and provide opportunities for recreation and fellowship, 12-step meetings, Bible studies, and other enriching community options. Returning home too soon can be devastating to your recovery success, so a group home may be just what you need to thrive and prepare for a return to normalcy.


Stay Accountable & Evaluate Old Friendships Carefully

While a healthy community is critical to recovery, a community of enablers or other addicts can quickly derail your progress. The friends you hung out with before rehab could trigger a relapse, so choose your circle carefully. Rely on mentors, therapists, or spiritual advisors to keep you accountable if you start to slip back into destructive relationships or visit old haunts. Find a sponsor or accountability partner that you respect, and meet with them often. Sobriety is hard, and the journey was not meant to be a solitary one. Prayer and Bible study are also integral to keeping you motivated and allowing you to feel the healing presence of God.


Find a Christian Rehab Network Sober Living Community

To learn more about the power of Christian community during drug rehab, call the Christian Rehab Network team at 877.310.9545 today. Partnering with Christ-based addiction treatment centers for men and women of all ages, we can also help you find a sober community where you can continue your recovery and rebuild your life. These highly affordable living arrangements can help you stay on track when the possibility of relapse is high—so don't go it alone.

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