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June 28, 2016
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Christian spirituality aids addiction recoveryThe process of addiction recovery is not the same for everyone, but there is one important factor that is recognized by professionals and recovering addicts alike: the need for a spiritual connection. If you are a Christian, you may believe addiction has come between you and your faith. You may feel helpless, abandoned by God, and unworthy of a better life. If this is the case, your best treatment match could be a recovery program with a strong spiritual component.

Positive Outcomes when Spirituality Is a Part of Rehab

Recovering addicts report that they respond more positively when their rehab treatment includes a spiritual component. This has been found true for non-Christians as well as for Christians. In fact, spirituality is a major component of 12-step recovery programs. Spirituality is instrumental in helping recovering addicts to:

  • Believe that recovery is possible
  • Ask forgiveness
  • Make amends for injury
  • Learn to handle the emotional highs & lows of life
  • Navigate moral choices in their newly sober lives
  • Develop better coping skills
  • Improve anger management
  • Seek, accept & provide support within a community of sober individuals
  • Discover meaning & purpose in life

Connecting Spirituality & Christianity

Spirituality is a belief in a power beyond ourselves; one that connects us to each other and to life. For Christians, this belief is defined by Jesus Christ— who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. Jesus’ love allows us to eventually forgive ourselves for the isolation of an addicted life.

A Christian Partner to Guide Recovery

As a Christian in recovery, you must find your way back to the Lord before you can achieve a truly lasting recovery. The founding principle of Christian Rehab Network is that you should never have to walk that journey alone.

Our accredited professionals will help you find the right Christian-based rehab program to match your needs and your budget. Then, we’ll be there to guide you through enrollment and insurance verification. Dial 877.310.9545 to begin the process today—or to learn more about the distinct advantages of faith-based sobriety programs.

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