Addiction Treatment for Women

Women and men have different needs when it comes to substance abuse treatment, and treatment can be more effective when clients enter into a Christian rehab facility offering gender-separate programming. Chemical dependency can have a deep impact on a woman’s physical health, spiritual growth, mental and emotional stability, and relational health.

There are psychological and personal nuances to a woman’s addiction that are not part of the male addict’s experience. For this reason, our gender-specific Christian rehab centers focus on restoring the whole woman while teaching her to connect with God and understand his unique plan for her life.

Benefits of Rehab Facilities for Women

There are many reasons why a gender-separate recovery environment is optimal for women dealing with alcoholism or drug addiction. First, women are vulnerable during addiction and recovery—so this is not a wise time to pursue a romantic relationship. Christian women’s rehabs give clients the ability to draw near to God without the distraction of the opposite sex. Without the temptation to become involved in dating, there is more time for introspection and personal rehabilitation.

Relationships play a key role in the lives of women, and you should have the opportunity to develop an inner circle of sober friends who share mutual goals. During their time at a Christian addiction recovery facility, women build a community of female confidantes who support one another, carry one another’s burdens, and spend quality time in Bible study, worship, and recreation.

In many cases, women struggling with addiction may also be coping with the pain of trauma or PTSD. Whether this trauma originated in childhood or adulthood, it may have been caused by sexual or physical assault, severe illness, family loss, or other experiences. During addiction recovery, these women require specialized treatment that addresses their deep need for physical safety, sexual safety, and secure relational connection. This is best achieved in a women-only treatment environment where clients can more freely share their experiences.

Christian Addiction Treatment for Women

At Christian Rehab Network, we partner with the very best Christ-based treatment programs, sober living communities, and outpatient services that cater to the unique needs of female clients. Teaching women to walk in the footsteps of Christ as they strive for mind, body, and spiritual healing, our facility partners provide pastoral care, individual and group therapy, and Bible-centered teaching. To begin the medical detox process or inquire about our women’s only faith-based drug rehab programs, call 877.310.9545 today.

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