China’s Gospel Rehab Center Continues to Change Lives

January 28, 2016
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According to the typicalchina gospel rehab centerly secretive Chinese government, recent studies indicate that drug use has spread across 90 percent of the country. Residents in China’s Yunnan Province are combatting these disturbing statistics with the power of faith and prayer, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Zhao Linbin is a true believer. Linbin was addicted to heroin for over two decades before his mother finally convinced him to enter the Gospel Rehab Center. “Twenty years of my life has gone, but I never want to return to my old life. I even went to prison. But I know God will restore those years that were wasted. Undoubtedly God has done a miraculous work on me,” Zhao said. Now, he works as a counselor at the Center and plays drums for the worship band. “Now I know that Jesus is the hope of drug abusers.”

Three Habits That Can Change the Lives of Addicts

According to Xu Chengyun, one of the Gospel Rehab Center’s founders, the Center’s success does not hinge on the use of medications or similar measures. Instead, participants follow a routine consisting of three valuable practices: prayer, worship, and scripture reading. For Christ followers, these foundational habits are the key to knowing God better, understanding his will, and drawing upon his strength during times of difficulty.

As the Gospel Rehab Center prepares to receive more patients, these three habits point the way to recovery for people who feel hopeless in their addiction. And, as these practices bring healing, the Center’s leaders also emphasize the value of serving others throughout the process. “Those who come here for help must see the evidence of Christ’s power to heal,” said Pai Jianhua, a guidance counselor at GRC. “We have to be an example so that others can experience God’s love.”
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