Beyond the 12 Steps: Inpatient Addiction Treatment

October 9, 2015
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For Christians who want to escape the pChristian Inpatient Addiction Treatmentain of drug and alcohol addiction, help is only a prayer, a phone call, or a visit with your pastor away. You may already have tried one of the many faith-based 12-step programs that are found in communities all across the U.S. With Christ’s love and healing—and the help of others who have fought the same battles—many Christians can embrace abstinence and successfully live in sobriety. But, if you feel that you will never be able to shake off your addiction, that Christ has abandoned you, or that you are unworthy of His love, you may need to seek help beyond a 12-step outpatient program.

When Is Christian Inpatient Care the Answer?

If your personal battle with substance abuse has left you feeling hopeless and separated from God, it may be a sign that you need the kind of specialized care available at Christian Rehab Network’s inpatient care centers. Substance abuse is a serious and complex disease, with far-reaching physical and mental consequences. At our affiliated inpatient care centers, you will find fellowship and spiritual guidance along with medical professionals and mental health counselors who can diagnose and treat the many aspects of this disease.

Seek inpatient treatment if you suspect that any of these conditions are present in your life:

  •  A need for medical intervention and monitoring. Long-time use of drugs and alcohol can make profound changes in your body. Assessment and oversight by medical personnel can ease the discomfort of detox, correct nutritional deficiencies, and uncover conditions that need treatment.
  • Mental disorders that co-occur with substance abuse. Often, there are underlying disorders like depression or anxiety that contribute to or result from addiction. The safety and support of inpatient treatment facilitates dual diagnosis treatment for these conditions.
  • A need to separate temporarily from unhealthy relationships. Connections with family and friends can be damaged by years of disappointment and hurt due to substance abuse. Sometimes, an unhealthy relationship is at the heart of the disease. Inpatient treatment programs include individual and family therapy to help heal damaged relationships and build stronger, healthier ones.

The Care You Need with the Spiritual Restoration You Want

Christian Rehab Network can connect you with a faith-based inpatient treatment center near you. Our partners are thoroughly screened to assure that they provide quality treatment from a scriptural perspective. You can be sure that their programs offer credentialed, professional treatment that addresses your physical and mental needs, along with Christ-centered counseling, fellowship, and support to help you heal your relationship with God. Call 877-310-9545 to speak to a recovery specialist and begin healing your body and spirit today.

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