Understanding the Benefits of Single Gender Rehab

May 13, 2016
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People struggling witbenefits of single gender rehabh drug and alcohol addiction have many options when choosing a rehab facility. However, one choice that's growing in popularity due to its proven success is a gender-specific rehab.

Special Needs of Women

In addition to needing a rehab experience that respects their role as primary caregivers of young children, women who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction often have underlying traumas in their lives that should be addressed as part of the recovery process. Women and Addiction: A Trauma-Informed Approach reports that 74% of addicted women have been victims of sexual abuse, 52% have been victims of physical abuse, and 72% have been victims of emotional abuse. A single gender rehab environment allows victimized women to begin the healing process while feeling safe in their surroundings.

According to SAMHSA, there are also significant differences in the patterns of substance abuse that support the need for single-gender recovery. For example, women are more likely than men to abuse prescription pain relievers. In fact, women over the age of 65 have three times the rate of painkiller addiction as their male counterparts. Women are also more likely to begin methamphetamine use at younger ages and more likely to see casual experimentation progress quickly to dependence.

Special Needs of Men

Gender-specific treatment benefits men too. A men’s-only rehab experience allows men to focus on getting sober without any distractions. Often, addicts in the early stage of recovery seek intimate relationships as a replacement for the rush of substance abuse. As Live Science reports, sex addiction and drug addiction produce similar patterns in brain activity.

Beyond eliminating distractions, men often find a single gender therapy helpful in creating a space that allows them to address their emotions without feeling "weak" or "feminine." For men who struggle with depression and anger management issues, learning how to reframe masculinity is a vital part of the healing process.

Finding a Single Gender Rehab that Respects Your Faith

Christian Rehab Network partners with Christian treatment programs across the country to provide faith-based outpatient and residential rehab, sober living communities, and medical detox. Single gender recovery allows both men and women to strive for mind, body, and spiritual healing in a supportive environment designed to fit their unique needs. Call (877) 310-9545 to learn more, or fill out our confidential online form.


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