The Benefits of Music During Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehab

March 2, 2016
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benefits of music during Christian rehab

The ability of music to relieve stress, improve concentration, bring out creativity, and change one’s mood has been studied and recognized for decades. When used properly, music can also have a powerful influence on addiction recovery. Many rehabilitation facilities are adopting music therapy as part of their complementary treatment programs or integrating it into acupuncture, massage therapy, and other clinics.

Music Therapy Benefits

Different than just turning on the radio, music therapy is goal-driven and designed to help people deal with stress, develop healthy coping mechanisms, or spur creativity. Listening to worship songs may be particular impactful for a Christ-follower. Hearing lyrics about God’s grace or his plan for your life is a positive reminder that can keep you motivated during the darkest days of rehab.

Other physical and emotional benefits of music therapy for addiction treatment include:

  • Decrease in cortisol (stress hormone).
  • Protection of heart & reduction in blood pressure.
  • Treatment for depression & anxiety.
  • Boost in immune system.
  • Refocus that contributes to pain relief.
  • Reduction in muscle tension.
  • Shared topic of conversation with sober friends.
  • Antidote for potential relapse triggers like boredom.
  • Increased ability to spiritually focus & connect with God.

Holistic Treatment Options Provided by Christian Rehab Network

Many of the facilities recommended by Christian Rehab Network offer alternative treatment options like exercise, music and art therapy, cooking classes, outdoor exploration, and more. When used properly, these therapies can be a healthy complement to prayer, scripture reading, pastoral care, and group therapy.

Music can be cathartic, allowing you to release negative emotions, commune with Jesus, and find joy in the beauty of creation. To learn more about music therapy in addiction treatment or discuss holistic therapies with our trained, Christian counselors, call 877.310.9545 for a confidential consultation and free treatment planning.


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