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Affordable Addiction Treatment

When you or a loved one is caught in the grips of addiction, seeking care can often be met with discouraging news, as most quality treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addiction are expensive, making care impossible to attain for some individuals.

Christian Rehab Network wants to ensure that every person seeking treatment finds a facility to take them safely through a supervised detox if necessary, a rehabilitation center where they can receive treatment catered to their specific needs, and if need be, integrated mental health services can be included as well. Our network of vetted treatment facilities is just that big!

Affordable Christian Rehab Centers

There is no reason money should stand between you and a life of sobriety in the arms of Jesus Christ. Embracing the Church’s teachings as you heal ensures you spiritual cleansing as well as freedom from your physical dependence and emotional demons. Let us handle all of the details, because we know it takes more than enough strength to call us in the first place. We will find a facility specifically suited to your needs, and work with the financial department of that facility to ensure affordable addiction treatment is provided to you, without sacrificing the quality you expect to receive from our affiliates. Scholarships are available for some applicants who need financial assistance to attend drug and alcohol detox and rehab and we charge no money to help you find the right place. And better yet, we receive no financial gain from the facility we place you with so you can trust that your care is the most important thing to us.

"And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one."  Matthew 6:13

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