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Addiction Treatment for Men

Addiction is an equal-opportunity destroyer, but men and women have different treatment needs when chemical dependency is wreaking havoc on their lives. At Christian Rehab Network, our facility partners provide men’s-only addiction recovery programs tailored to the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of male clients. It is our goal to integrate clients into a Christian brotherhood where they are supported and uplifted by credentialed addiction specialists—and surrounded by a community of men with mutual sobriety goals.

Benefits of Christian Rehab Network’s Drug Treatment Facilities for Men

For years, addiction experts have understood the advantages to treating men and women differently during rehab. First, a gender-separate recovery environment removes the temptation for romantic relationships. This is especially important for men, who may pursue “rehab romance” as a substitute for drug or alcohol dependency. In some cases, their previous romantic partner may have also been addicted to drugs or alcohol. In men’s-only rehab, clients shift their focus from romance to physical healing, self-reflection, and a Christ-centered direction for their lives. As they grow closer to their Creator and understand themselves better, they build a foundation upon which future, healthy relationships can eventually thrive.

In men’s Christian drug rehab, clients are also personally stretched and encouraged to build friendship and camaraderie with other male clients. Relationship and connection is something that may not come as naturally to men as it does to women, so recovery provides an opportunity for male clients to open up, share burdens, and participate in recreation with those around them. Through the sharing of common goals and a deepening of their faith, men begin to understand God’s plan for their life outside of the destructive realm of drug and alcohol use.

Additional advantages of all-male Christian drug rehab programs include:

    • Evidence-based treatment programming designed specifically for male clients
    • Removal of gender-based distractions & sexual temptation
    • Opportunity to build a culture of fellowship & transparency
    • Chance for clients to openly deal with deal with aggression, anger & other common male emotions
    • Development of skills necessary to build same-gender friendships

Christian Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Men

Christian Rehab Network proudly partners with Christian treatment programs that include outpatient and residential rehab, sober living communities, and medical detox. We believe that the Bible calls men to a unique purpose, and through our scripture-based addiction treatment services, we help them embrace that purpose and become men of integrity and faith. Men’s rehab services include pastoral care, group and individual therapy, recreational recovery activities, and more. Let us help you find the right treatment facility for male-only drug rehabilitation, dial 877.310.9545 or submit a secure online inquiry today.

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