Addiction in the Christian Family

January 25, 2016
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The effects of alcohol Addiction in Christian Familyand drug addiction are devastating to the individuals who use and to the people around them. Sometimes the effects last for generations, impacting a family’s outlook on community, spirituality, and the family unit itself.

Desire to Hide the Addiction

When a child or a spouse becomes addicted, it is common for other members of the family to try to hide the addiction. Sometimes this means making excuses for or enabling the addicted person. In other cases, it means withdrawing from social activities because of embarrassment and shame. In the end, the entire family takes on feelings of social guilt.

Christian Values under Siege

In a family with strong Christian values, conflicts of conscience are likely to arise when dealing with a family member who is addicted. A sense of moral failing and guilt may affect both the addicted person and other family members. Sometimes, family members question why God has let such an affliction touch them. They may feel abandoned and begin to question their faith.

Family Dysfunction

By far, the most profound changes occur within the family when addiction to alcohol or drugs is present. Since these changes affect the development of children, their effects can span generations.

  • First, family cohesion breaks down, and there are no regular schedules, meals, or rituals.
  • Children take on adult roles and often act as caregivers.
  • Feelings of trust in one other are lost.
  • Family members experience a sense of victimhood and helplessness.
  • Children learn poor problem-solving skills and engage in risky behaviors.
  • Family members withdraw into their shells and have difficulty forming relationships both within and outside the family.

Let Faith Guide Your Addiction Recovery

When you and your family confront addiction, remember that you are not fighting this battle alone. God has not abandoned you. The spiritual strength you need to recover from alcoholism, drug addiction, or mental health problems in your family is within you, and professional treatment and spiritual guidance can be found through Christian Rehab Network.

Our extensive network of fully vetted Christian recovery services includes inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers, sober living communities, outpatient programs and family counseling services. Dial (877)310-9545 to speak with an addiction recovery specialist who will guide you through the treatment selection process. We’ll be by your side each step of the way as you and your family find your way back to health and wholeness through Christ.

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