Action in Addiction Recovery

July 27, 2015
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action in addiction recovery

What I Do, Not What I Know

Many individuals struggle with the fact that they have been through addiction treatment and in the rooms of 12-step and faith based recovery programs multiple times. Never quite grasping the concept of the programs, despite the fact that they gather all of the information required and know what they need to do in order to stay sober. Why aren’t these individuals able to maintain my sobriety for any length of time? Why can’t they stay away from the substances which cause so many problems in their lives? These questions continue to plague them in every attempt they make at sobriety.

For the longest time they are unable to figure out why all of the information that they gathered in the rooms of recovery and in treatment, nor the desire to get sober was working as a long-term solution. There comes a time when individuals realize that the one thing they have been missing in their recovery is action. While a desire to quit using or drinking is extremely helpful to the alcoholic or addict in need of help, it is not a required at all. Many individuals who enter into treatment, do not want to stop using or drinking. They merely want to be allowed to drink or use without any other interference in the other areas of their lives. As most individuals in the program know, this is an unrealistic expectation and something that will never work for the alcoholic or addict. They learn that a better life can be attained, not through wanting, but by taking action or contrary action where necessary.

Seeing Changes Through Action

They may not want recovery, but if they take the action which is suggested in the program and begin to see the changes in their lives, they soon realize that while they may not want recovery, they definitely need it. This is one of the most important aspects of any recovery program, focusing on your needs rather than focusing on your wants. After investing any amount of time within the program and taking the action which is suggested, you will soon realize that your wants have led us to this place in our life where everything is falling apart. It has been your wants, which have up to this point, continued to cause the majority of problems in your life. By focusing on your wants you continue to drink or use regardless of the damage it may cause.

Focusing on Needs vs. Wants

By focusing on your needs, however, you begin to realize and see that a major change takes place in how you approach everyday life. No longer do you live based upon what we believe you want, as your mind has been poisoned with clouded thinking. In time and through taking the action of practicing recovery, you begin to have an extreme amount of focus on your needs. You also discover that as you focus on your needs instead of your wants, your wants change to those which help to provide improvements. You discover that the more you focus on your needs rather than your wants, that what you needed is what you truly wanted all along. Having a better life, happiness and success is brought about through taking action on your needs. The wants or desires that you had while in your using or drinking state of mind only made life harder and made it impossible for you to accomplish anything which would bring about long-term happiness.

Today you have the opportunity to experience a life which you never thought you would have the opportunity or the ability to obtain. It will be through action that you are able to discover success in all aspects of your life. You begin to focus on your needs in life, rather than your wants. You take action on the knowledge which you have gathered throughout your time in the program of recovery because in the end it is your actions which will define your lives.

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