3 Life Hacks to Boost Your Productivity at Work

January 12, 2017
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Male office workerHave you ever looked down at your to-do list and wondered how you are going to be able to get everything done? If that sounds all too familiar, it’s important to remember two things. First, you’re not alone. And, second, there are ways you can tweak your routine to eke out a little more productivity in your day.

If you’re well into your journey of sobriety, you’re probably able to spend more time and energy focusing on your career while trying to work harder (and smarter) to reach your professionals goals.

And, you can do just that but simply making some micro-adjustments to your routine.

Looking to amp up your productivity game? Here are three simple strategies to feel more confident and get more done during your 9 to 5.

(1) Don’t let email become overly distracting.

Email has radically transformed the workplace. In an instant, you can communicate with clients and colleagues and brainstorm with peers. While it certainly makes it easier to stay in touch and get things done, it can actually drag your productivity down. Try logging out of your email provider for the last 30 minutes of the day so you can reassess your priorities.

(2) Say no to (some) meetings. Have you ever accepted a meeting invitation, only later to find out that you really didn’t need to attend? That’s why it’s important to be discerning about how much time you devote to business meetings that you didn’t schedule. If your workload is especially busy, ask the meeting organizer in advance what they hope to accomplish and your role during the discussion. This can help you better understand if you can skip the appointment and simply participate via email.

(3) Constantly reassess your priorities. In virtually every organization, employees collaborate and work together to achieve the collective goals of the business. But, it’s easy to get caught up in meeting the needs of other coworkers – which can put your own projects in jeopardy. Before you start firing off emails in the morning, take a few moments to think about what you are expected to accomplish as an individual contributor. Then, block off time on your calendar during the day to focus on meeting those goals.

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